Universidad del Valle de México competes in the McDonald's McGourmet Contest

UVM students win 2nd and 3rd place


UVM competes in the McDonald's McGourmet Contest

Students enrolled in Gastronomy, Hospitality Management and Tourism Management programs from a number of leading universities in the Federal District, including Universidad del Valle de Mexico, gathered at the School of Institutional Management (ESDAI) of the Universidad Panamericana to complete in the first "McGourmet Chef of the Year" contest in Mexico hosted by McDonald's.

Each of the participants was provided with a basket containing food and ingredients normally found at a McDonald restaurant, which they had to use to create two savory dishes and one dessert in one hour.

After the preparation of the dishes, participants were given a few minutes to explain each of their creations, while the judges tasted and evaluated their creations based on the following elements:

  • Presentation of food = 10%
  • Taste = 30%
  • Originality in use of McDonald's ingredients = 30%
  • Explanation of the creations = 15%
  • Cleanliness = 15%

UVM students Gustavo Jehu Luna and Verónica García, took second and third place respectively. The dishes the students created to win were:

  • Meatballs stuffed with cheese fries and hash brown potatoes
  • Cream of tomato with mc potatoes
  • Tomato stuffed with bbq chicken, baked with cheddar cheese
  • Frozen yogurt with blackberries on carrot cake

The jury, who were responsible for choosing the winners of this culinary competition, were Paola Castro, Communications Manager of McDonald's Mexico; Ana Saldana, recognized chef with over 14 years experience and Tony Gourry; Chef McGourmet of McDonald's.

McGourmet is a program developed by McDonalrs through which chefs prepare gourmet dishes with inputs used in McDonald's restaurants. It is both a new way for chefs to experience and learn about McDonald's food and for McDonalds to generate new ideas about how their different ingredients can be used to create new and exciting dishes.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.