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Universidad del Valle de México and Government of Coahuila sign agreement to combat obesity

New agreement will focus resources of both groups to promote health and reduce obesity


UVM and Government of Coahuila sign agreement to combat obesity

More than 450 students from the School of Health Sciences of Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Campus Saltillo, will join the fight against obesity and overweight through the government’s "To Smile Better and Longer: Measure yourself, Get Nutrition, Get Active" program.

This is based on the agreement that was signed by the Rector of UVM Campus Satiloo, Juan Carlos Herrera Ascencio, and the director-general of DIF Coahuila, Hector Franco López, representing Governor Ruben Moreira Valdez and his wife, Carolina Moreira Viggiano .

In a ceremony attended by students majoring in Medicine, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, among other health science programs, the director of DIF indicated that Coahuila has one of the highest rates of obesity and overweight people in all of Mexico, both conditions precede diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

In that context, he said that the State Government has deployed a strategy to promote healthy eating habits and physical activity, with the participation of universities, government agencies and citizens who voluntarily are seeking to create a healthier culture.

In response, Franco Lopez, gratefully acknowledged the willingness of the students from UVM-Campus Saltillo to join the initiative and become promoters of the benefits granted to the population from healthy eating and physical activity.

Prior to signing the agreement, Rector Juan Carlos Herrera Ascencio, said weight control, exercise and good eating habits combined will gradually allow people to end diseases that lead to death such as diabetes and heart disease.

He therefore appealed to the students to participate and immerse themselves in the strategy to "convey this message within their families and circle of friends."

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.