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UVM Student wins Silver Medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics

Aida Roman wins Mexico’s first Silver Medal in Archery


UVM Student wins Silver Medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics

Aida Nabila Román Arroyo, a student from Universidad del Valle de México Campus San Rafael, won the silver medal in Archery at the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London. The competition was held at the Lord's Cricket Ground in London.

The victory is especially important because Mexico has never earned a silver medal in the Olympic Games in this sport. In fact, before the 2012 games Mexico had never medaled in archery. Mexico’s first medal was won just minutes earlier when Mariana Avitia won the bronze.

All of Mexico was watching the archery competition as Aida Román, a student of psychology at UVM, faced off in the final for the gold medal against the South Korean Ki Bo Bae. The first set was won by the South Korean with a score of 27-25, while both earned a point from the second as they tied 26-26. Aida won the third set 29-26. Ki Bo Bae won the fourth set 30-22. The fifth set went to Mexico with a score of 27-26.

As the athletes were tied through the first five sets, they had to go to one last arrow to determine the winner. Ki Bo Bae went first and shot an 8 so Aida needed a 9 to win the gold medal. Aida released the arrow and notched an 8, but as the South Korean’s arrow was closer to the line she won the gold and Aida won the silver medal. Aida’s outstanding skill earned Mexico their third silver medal.

Prior to the final, Aida Roman defeated another Mexican, Mariana Avitia, who went on to earn a bronze medal for Mexico in the Olympics by beating Khatuana Lorig from the United States.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.