UVM launches new partnership with the Attorney General's Office

Agreement creates new opportunities for UVM students


UVM launches new partnership with the Attorney General's Office

The Attorney General of Mexico, Marisela Morales Ibáñez, and Maestra Guadalupe Zuniga Vazquez, Rectora of Universidad del Valle de México’s Mexico City region, signed a partnership agreement that creates opportunities for employees of the Attorney General to conduct their studies at UVM, while UVM students can now carry out their social service in the federal institution.

Marisela Morales told the students, teachers and leaders from various UVM campuses that were present at the signing in Coyoacan that the goal of the partnership is to enable young people to engage in the Attorney General office’s work through the New Criminal Justice System and to provide them with more tools when they enter the labor market.

The agreement was signed on August 8th and calls for the implementation of academic programs with specialty certification to facilitate the broadening and deepening of the judicial system. "We are providing students with the opportunity to complete their social service and internships at the Attorney General’s Office. They will also have the opportunity to later join the staff," she said.

Dr. Morales said that the agreement certifies shared values of the two institutions to support communities, "we believe that the law enforcement bodies and educational bodies should aim to harmonize education to support the same social interests, with this philosophy the government of President Felipe Calderón has tried to make its processes transparent and support initiatives to work together with educational institutions in favor of justice for the sole purpose of achieving the security all Mexicans seek and need, so in the Attorney General’s Office this type of strategic alliances has become an impetus to improve professional development and deepen knowledge to the subject of law enforcement," she said.

The agreement commits the two institutions to organize courses, conferences, workshops and diploma programs to support students. "The collaboration is now formalized to explore other areas of interest to law enforcement agencies such as the strengthening of ministerial staff through courses, seminars or diplomas offered at UVM, which will add value to the training of public servants who already work in the Attorney General’s Office, "concluded Dr. Marisela Morales.

Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at UVM, Jesús Alfonso Marín Jiménez, said that education is not only an investment, but is a shared responsibility. "The federal government led by President Felipe Calderon has pledged to Mexico to have a professional and highly educated state police. The young people are those who are studying and preparing not only through undergraduate studies, but also through graduate programs and research to serve and protect the nation through their advanced knowledge and promoting the highest international standards."

Jesús Alfonso Marín Jiménez also said the police investigations increasingly require rigorous methods and processes that seek justice through respect for human rights. New processes such as trials and the use of new processes require that practitioners are constantly updated and that their programs are in line with the requirements of the times.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.