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Universidad del Valle de México creates Aida Roman Arroyo Scholarship

One of many steps UVM has taken to support national sport


Universidad del Valle de México creates Aida Roma Arroyo Scholarship

In recognition of the extraordinary performance of Aida Román Arroyo, who won the Silver Medal in Archery in the 2012 London Olympics, Universidad del Valle de Mexico presented her with a scholarship that bears her name so that other students will have the opportunity to excel. Aida herself has benefitted from a UVM scholarship since 2008 for outstanding sports performance. The scholarship awarded today will benefit another student and will be selected by Aida.

The "Aida Roman" scholarship was announced by Dieter Holtz, UVM’s CEO, and Jose Ortega, President of the Advisory Board of the University, at an event where they welcomed their student-athletes home and urged them to continue their athletic and educational endeavors, which are a benchmark and inspiration for Mexico’s youth.

"UVM has changed my mentality, in my psychology class I have learned that you have to break paradigms and overcome your limitations," said the athlete while thanking the University for this recognition.

"Physical education and sport is a priority for Universidad del Valle de Mexico because they play a key role in the development of our students," said Dieter Holtz.

The commitment of Universidad del Valle de Mexico to the development of national sports is evident through the various actions taken to strengthen it, amongst which are:

  • Granting scholarships for high performance athletes. 11 UVM students in the recent Olympics, including Aida Roman, Jannet Joy, Erick Osornio, Vanessa Zambotti, Victoria Montero, Arantxa Chavez, Juan Rene Serrano, Eduardo Velez, Claudia Rivas and Nicolas Alejandro Pizarro Suarez, delivered great performances, several of them among the best in the world in their respective disciplines.

  • Research. Recently, UVM presented through its Center for Public Opinion its study on "Sports Management in Mexico" which yielded important findings about the strengths and weaknesses of the administration of sport in our country. This report will help decision-makers implement more effective policies to promote sports culture and thus achieve better results in international competitions.

  • Teaching. UVM is the only institution in Mexico that offers degree programs specializing in sports, such as the Bachelor in Sports Marketing and Master in Sports Management, which themselves are backed by the Real Madrid International School, which seeks to contribute to the professionalization of sport in Mexico and to put on a par with best countries in the world.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.