Universidad del Valle de México students visit the Mexican Football Federation

Visit is part of the Master in Sports Management program


UVM students visit the Mexican Football Federation

Students from the Master in Sports Management program from Universidad del Valle de México’s Tlalpan and Santa Fe campuses met with senior management from the Mexican Football Federation (MFF) as part of the course "Management Skills and Negotiation in Sport", which is taught by Dr. Edgardo Codesal.

The session, held in the Board Room of the MFF, was attended by Justino Compeán Palacios, President of the MFF, as well as executives from  various committees and departments, among which were Fernando Cerrilla, Secretary General; Alfonso Sabater, Director of National Training and Diego Suinaga, Director of Operations.

In addition to talking about the league tournaments and cup competitions and the restructuring of the federation, the President of the MFF talked about the marketing of the Mexican selection. Other topics of conversation included the establishment of new commissions and committees to continue to develop soccer in Mexico and the initiatives the leadership team is undertaking to better leverage the federation’s assets.

This was the third time that students from the Master in Sports Management program have had the opportunity to meet with the directors of the FMF, who have been very receptive to questions, comments and suggestions. At the end of the meeting, Justino Compeán Palacios invited students to submit project proposals that can continue to improve the activities of the agency, which will be brought to the Executive Committee of the MFF.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.