Universidad del Valle de México students achieve 3rd place in the 2012World RoboCup

Students represent UVM and Mexico in international competition


UVM students achieve 3rd place in the 2012World RoboCup

Students from Universidad del Valle de Mexico’s Lomas Verdes and Toluca campuses won third place in the RoboCup 2012 held at the WTC in Mexico City. The "UVM-Engineering" robot defeated "Rob OTTO" from Germany with a score of 30 points to 15, and thus improved on their results from last year’s competition in Istanbul, Turkey (when they placed seventh).

The main objective of the robots was to pick up chips placed on a five square meter floor. Track sensors flashed in three colors (green, red and yellow) indicating where the object should be placed. The Mexican robot "UVM-Engineering" managed to complete two rounds, earning 15 points in each round.

Liliana Villamar, a fourth-semester student in Computer Science from Campus Toluca and member of the "UVM-Engineering” team said the third-place finish is a great success, "it is very important to us as students, and also to Mexico as a country, to have won third place because even though we may not have as much access to technology as students from other countries, we still compete with the best of them," she said.

Teamwork was the basis for UVM’s triumph. "The coordination between the entire team was very good, we exchanged great ideas from all our colleagues from a variety of different programs, which helped us bring together all we knew and get the project structured" she added.

Third place was not easy to win, because they were up against very talented competitors that included three great teams from Germany, one team from Japan, two teams from Brazil, and one team from Egypt. Two German teams, Leuphana and Ms Bending Units, competed in the finals, with the victory going to Leuphana with a final score of 160 to 49. "Winning third place is great because we were competing against the leading countries, Germany and Japan, and we are very proud to have represented Mexico and obtained third place," said Liliana.

The winning UVM team was composed of Liliana Villamar Gómez, Cirse González Rodríguez, Alberto Vázquez Martínez, Juan Liborio Menchaca, Ana Rebeca Velasco Campos, Gustavo Guzmán Solís and María Fernanda Reyes Flores, all advised by Professors Mora Oswaldo Acevedo Mora and Juan Lebario Menchaca.

The RoboCup is the most important international competition in artificial intelligence and robotics. Though this annual competition, more than 20,000 students from around the world come together to test their skills and recognize the best developers of intelligent machines and programs.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.