Universidad del Valle de México Campus Hermosillo students win 1st place at the Infomatrix Competition

Karla Giovanna Acuña Durazo, Paola Fernanda Acuña Durazo and Jorge Radelli, win in the"Short Film" category at international competition in Bucharest, Romania.


UVM Campus Hermosillo students win 1st place at the Infomatrix Competition

"Helping others makes you great" (Ayudar a otros te hace grande) is the main message delivered by sisters Karla and Paola Durazo, and Jorge Radelli through their short film called "Two Worlds" at the 2012 Infomatrix competition. Infomatrix is an international computing competition focused on bringing together the world’s best IT students. 34 countries were represented in the 2012 competition.

The UVM student’s short film is 7 minutes long and seeks to raise awareness in society about "being more sympathetic to what goes on around us, with others, giving a hand to those most in need, "said Karla Giovanna Durazo.

Karla said the video also speaks of poverty, "of how sometimes we are blinded to the situation outside our doors, people who lack the basic necessities for living, eating and dressing."

According to the team, which wowed the judges, was a bottom line composed of a campaign of global scope and specific proposals. "The jury based their decision on shot selection, camera movement, originality of concept, use of light and depth of field, among many other criteria," said Karla.

Subtitles were added to the video and it was presented to the jury in English. They set up a stand at the competition focused on promoting Mexican culture, which was related to the project’s subject matter.

"We are very happy and proud of this achievement, very grateful to the people who supported us, especially our families who were always there for us. We have a commitment, I think we saw a good impact from our work and we see a great future. The youth of our country should be encouraged to compete in international competitions such as Infomatrix, because anything can be achieved when you set yourself to do it," said Karla Giovanna.

The sisters Karla Giovanna and Paola Fernanda Acuña Durazo, and Jorge Radelli, won the right to represent Mexico and UVM, in Bucharest, Romania, after winning the Multimedia Computing and Project 2012, was organized by the Society of Science and Technology (SOLACYT), in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Infomatrix is a technological and cultural event organized by the Ministry of Education of Romania that was created to bring the best student led IT projects in the world together. Competition is not just to promote professional excellence, but also serves to promote intercultural dialogue and cooperation through the participation of students and teachers from different countries. Team from the USA, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Ecuador, Mexico, Poland, Indonesia, Czech Republic, among others, competed this year.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.