Candidate for the President of Mexico visits Universidad del Valle de México Campus Tlalpan

Partido Nueva Alianza candidate Gabriel Quadri visits UVM and talks with students


Candidate for the President of Mexico visits UVM Campus Tlalpan

"Education depends on our productivity," said the Partido Nueva Alianza (PAN) (New Alliance Party) candidate Gabriel Quadri, speaking about his political platform to students from a variety of degree programs at the Plaza of Culture and Arts at UVM Campus Tlalpan. "The more productive the young are, the more they will earn during their lifetimes, which is why people need education, "he said.

One day after the national debate that Quadri participated in with other party candidates for President of the Republic, the PAN representative addressed hundreds of students who had gathered to see and hear Quadri talk about his proposals to reform the economy, the labor market, and the education system. During his address, Quadri noted that there is an urgent need for change in the country and he shared his opinion about the national debate, which took place the night before.

At the conclusion of his address, the PAN candidate received an award from Guadalupe Zuniga Vazquez, Chancellor of the UVM Mexico City Region, who thanked the candidate for his visit and participation in the "UVM in Democracy" series, which aims to bring young voters to hear the proposals of candidates so they can decide who they will vote for on July 1.

Quadri concluded his visit to UVM’s Tlalpan Campus with a round of questions from the media and spent time interacting with students who asked questions and took photographs with him.


This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.