Universidad del Valle de México opens innovative Motion Capture Labs


UVM opens innovative Motion Capture Labs

New center strengthens UVMs position as a leader in the field of digital animation

Since it was founded, Universidad del Valle de Mxico (UVM), one of Mexicos leading post-secondary institutions, has been consistently focused on creating and enhancing academic programs that incorporate technology to support students as they develop the skills, enhance their creativity productivity and hone the competitive spirit needed by the growing Mexican labor market.

Due to the trends in the field of industrial development in Mexico, UVM launched Mexicos first university program in 3D Digital Animation 4 years ago. The Engineering in Interactive Technology and Digital Entertainment (Ingeniera en Tecnologa Interactiva y Animacin Digital - ITIAD) is a unique, innovative and multidisciplinary program, which was launched in 2008. The program focuses on helping students foster their creativity while they develop interactive technology skills. This balance helps graduates not only develop the skills needed in the field of game and entertainment development, but also prepares them for more general roles where skills in graphic animation and simulated interfaces are vital.

The program started with a little more than 50 students and has grown to today enroll nearly 600 students on 5 campuses in the metropolitan area of Mexico City (Campus Lomas Verdes, Campus Tlalpan, Campus San Rafael, Campus Toluca and Campus Puebla). ITIAD has become one of the most successful programs in this discipline and undoubtedly the only of its kind, making the Universidad del Valle de Mexico the leading option in the country for students who want to enter the field of digital animation.

Adding to its leadership in academic programs, UVM is also opening new labs where students can learn about the cutting-edge technologies and techniques to capture digital motion for computer animation. The first of these Motion Capture System labs (MOCAPS) was opened at Campus Lomas Verdes in 2010, followed by a new center just opened at Campus San Rafael, with an additional lab to open shortly at Campus Puebla. Now with two more labs open, UVM has a unique network of labs that will facilitates the exchange of information and completion of complex projects that can be completed via the Internet, which will grow further when this program is brought to additional UVM campuses. These labs use the same technology and methodology used in James Camerons film Avatar, Peter Jacksons Planet of the Apes, as well as leading video games like Gears of War, Call of Duty, among many others.

The first students who completed the ITIAD program are now working for large international leaders like Televisa and are contributing to blockbuster movies like "Pirates of Caribbean" and "The Girl of the Dragon Tattoo"as well as high-impact video games.