Mexican Presidential Candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador speaks at Universidad del Valle de México


Mexican Presidential Candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador speaks at UVM

Calls for more quality, access and promotion of values in education

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a candidate for President of Mexico, delivered a speech to the UVM community focused on the importance of ensuring the quality of public education, extending the reach of public education throughout the country and delivering programs that promote Mexican values and ethics. The speech was delivered at Campus Lomas Verdes in Mexico City and was broadcast to UVM’s 38 campuses located throughout Mexico. The speech was delivered at the same time as UVM announced their new education model, which is being implemented in 40 UVM degree programs.

López Obrador stated that the country needed a national education strategy at all levels to promote civic values that will create a future with more professional opportunities for future Mexicans and end crime and violence. At the close of his speech, Mr. Andres Manuel López Obrador thanked UVM’s leadership for the opportunity to address members of the UVM community and to the students from throughout the UVM community who showed their interest by listening to him in person and via webcast.