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Universidad del Valle de México celebrates the creativity and actions of 15 young social entrepreneurs


UVM celebrates the creativity and actions of 15 young social entrepreneurs

For the 6th year in a row UVM’s Social Development Prize recognizes the efforts of Mexican social entrepreneurs

Contrary to the negative image of inactive youth, hundreds of social entrepreneurs each year demonstrate their creativity and passion by taking action to improve the environment, local communities, and to support the disadvantaged. For the 6th year in a row, 15 projects developed by young social entrepreneurs were recognized with the UVM Prize for Social Development on Thursday February 16th during a ceremony held at the Museum of Popular Art.

Providing specialized care for the sick, organizing community groups, solving ecological problems, protecting the environment, promoting culture and education among children and the implementation of sustainable projects were the focus on the 15 winning projects from a total of 242 received in 2011. The winners this year were from the states of Chiapas, Federal District, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, Oaxaca, Sinaloa, Veracruz, and Yucatan.

Starting in 2006, the UVM Prize for Social Development has been awarded to 90 different projects (15 each year). This has been a great opportunity for young entrepreneurs, between the age 19 and 29 years, who support a variety of organizations, either as founders or participants.

"At first it was enough to find organizations that have young people playing important roles even though they may not have been the founder, then we realized that we could make a bigger impact if we focused the prize on leaders with strong social commitments," says Sandra Herrera, director of UVM Prize for Social Development.

The UVM Prize for Social Development is an initiative of the Sylvan / Laureate Foundation, the International Youth Foundation and the Universidad del Valle de México. The award includes a financial award of 25,000 Pesos, a week of training in Mexico City, where they can acquire knowledge, skills and resources to help them to carry out their work more effectively and be in direct contact with representatives of groups that support social projects. Additionally, winners have the opportunity to interact with other social entrepreneurs and build a network of young people focused on positive social action.

The winners of the 2011 UVM Prize for Social Development and their projects are:

1. Agustín Lorenzo Rodríguez Aké - Caza Sonrisas
2. Alba Carolina Hernandez Correa - Estancia para Niños y Jovenes con parálisis y lesión Cerebral / Asocia
3. Alfonso Romo Garza Lagüera - Diseña El Cambio
4. Alfredo Acosta Rosales - Talleres de Educación Ambiental y Promoción de los Derechos de los Animales
5. Aurelia Annino – SiKanda
6. Carlos Mauricio Ortega Canales - VIS10N
7. Daniel Gómez Alvarez Moreno - EL DEBATE
8. Iliana Alicia Mendoza Luis - Centro de Capacitación en Agroecología “Tabachi”
9. Jonathan Jaime Castro Alvarez - CETOCHTLI Sociedad Cooperativa de Trabajadores Indígenas
10. Mario Alberto García Botello - Talismanin "Red de Apoyo a Comunidades Indígenas"
11. Paola Viridiana Espinosa Gordillo - Grupo Artesanal de Mujeres Ita-
12. Roberto Herrera Oropeza - Tuxtla en Vici
13. Saúl Gibran Pizarro Cervantes - Movimiento Innovando México
14. Sara E. Mejía Carranco - Serpentina Cultural A.C.
15. Fabián Casaubón Domenszain - Ayúdame que yo También soy Mexicano A.C. (ATM A.C.)