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Eight Universidad del Valle de México students recognized among the top 100 in the Federal District


UVM Students

Eight students from the Roma, Chapultepec and Tlalpan campuses of Universidad del Valle de Mexico were recognized by the Mayor of the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, and the President of Coparmex Mexico City, Fernando Oscar García Chavez, among the top 100 college students in the Federal District of Mexico City in 2011.

This is the first time that the business sector and the Government of Mexico City have recognized the top one hundred post-secondary students from public and private institutions in the region. To be eligible for the recognition, students submitted information on their background and program and then were asked to complete a questionnaire, which was used to confirm skills, responsibility, creativity, critical thinking and social responsibility among other things, said María Luisa Flores del Valle, President of the Education Commission of Mexico City Coparmex.

The mayor of Mexico City, Marcelo Ebrard, said we should continue to support the youth of this great city, "we must all work together, yes, now you are the hundred best university students, but your efforts should not end here, now you must push on to graduate studies, either inside or outside the country."

For his part, Fernando Oscar Garcia Chavez, President of Coparmex Mexico City, said that only through preparation, training, principles and values can we improve society and help our country be the best in the world, "tenacity and persistence can make a better Mexico. For you college kids, Coparmex is committed to continuity and creating new jobs."

Juan de Dios Barba Nava, Chair of the Economic and Social Council of Mexico City, said that this organization is focused on promoting productive investment projects in the City, "we are linking parents, students, universities and employers. The responsibility for the hundred best students is enormous, because the country needs leaders at school, at work and at home. You must change the way things are done in Mexico and give continuity to the efforts that brought you here today, we need you to become the future to help us overcome Mexico's challenges" he said.

Students from the Universidad del Valle de Mexico that were recognized were:

  • Alejandro Iván Camarillo Sánchez, Campus Roma
  • Sergio Armenta Morales, Campus Roma
  • Teresa Romero Villanueva, Campus Roma
  • Answin Minerva Román Fernández, Campus Chapultepec
  • Elisa Flores Saldaña, Campus Chapultepec
  • Juan González Morales, Campus Chapultepec
  • Luis Eduardo Castro Broissin, Campus Chapultepec
  • Madelyn Cristina Pineda Linares, Campus Tlalpan