Universidad del Valle de México Professor recognized by Mexican Minister of Education with the 2011 FIMPES Award


UVM Professor Recognized by FIMPES

Carlos Enrique Lopez Campos, a professor at Universidad del Valle de México's Campus Querétaro received the 2011 FIMPES Award from the Minister of Education, Ernesto Lujambio, for his research titled "Innovative approaches to learning mathematics, science and engineering."

This recognition was awarded during the 10th FIMPES General Assembly, which focused on the development of innovative approaches to teaching mathematics, science and engineering. "These methodologies had a starting point years ago and are based on observations of how students learn these disciplines, as well as the learning theories of Piaget and Ausubel," said Professor Carlos Enrique Lopez.

In this regard, the professor said Campus Querétaro is now working with a group of UVM professors on a program based on the results of this project, which aims to enrich and enhance the learning of mathematics with students from UVM. "Of course, it is expected that a broader program covering other academic subjects will benefit from the results of these studies, which will positively impact the training of graduates and professionals with better programs that should therefore benefit Mexican society in general" he said.

Carlos Enrique Lopez Campos also said students from Campus Queretaro and UVM will benefit from the implementation of more effective ways of learning because of the positive effects that improved cognitive development and performance has on motivation and attitude during the course of their studies.

This award is a great recognition for Professor López Campos, "the fact that my work has been recognized in this way by FIMPES, a body affiliated with Mexico's top institutions of higher education and representing the highest academic and educational quality, is a great honor," he said.