Universidad del Valle de Mexico Recognizes Student Athletes


UVM Recognizes Student Athletes

During a recent ceremony, Universidad del Valle de Mexico's leadership recognized the student athletes who are representing Mexico in a variety of international competitions, including qualifiers for the World University Games, the Pan American Games and the 2012 Olympics.

According to Dieter Holtz, UVM's CEO, young athletes should not see the upcoming competitions as the culmination of a goal, but instead as the beginning of a career that should be complemented with study. For his part, Mr. José Ortega Martínez, President of UVM, said that sport is an important area for the institution and the pride generated by the effort of the students who have excelled in different fields, becoming the world's best.

Felipe "El Tibio" Muñoz, the current president of the Mexican Olympic Committee, was the guest of honor and recommended the student athletes should take full advantage of the opportunities they have at UVM to purse an education while they train and compete. Meanwhile, Blanca Beristain, Director of CONADE, recognized the commitments the students have made to pursue an education while participating in the World University Games and Pan American Games. "These results have been the result of discipline, with clear objectives and the heart that put you in the activities."

The event also highlighted the presence of two participants on the sub-17 soccer team, Antonio Briseño (captain), and Daniel Hernandez, champions and players who study at UVM's Campus North Guadalajara.

Universidad del Valle de Mexico is very proud of the determination and perseverance of its students athletes. These student athletes will represent UVM and Mexico well, with 9 students going to the World University Games in China, 24 students going to the Pan American Games and 3 students qualifying as of today to participate in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

These 34 student athletes are not only recognized for their tenacity, grit and courage in sport, but also in the classroom, as each of them, despite their demanding training scheduled, trips and competitions, are determined to study and become successful professionals for the good of Mexico.

UVM is one of Mexico's universities that encourages and strongly supports sport and athletes. More than 10 years ago UVM started the program to help student athletes balance their commitments while earning an education.

UVM's student athletes include:

Mariana Aneth Cifuentes Castro, Luis Eduardo Vélez Sánchez, Ofelia Beatriz Pedrero García, Salvador Pérez Rodríguez, Aída Nabila Román Arroyo, Juan René Serrano Gutiérrez, Carolina Acosta Álvarez, Damián Alejandro Villa Valadez, Evelyn Guajardo Lozano, Vanessa Zambotti Barretto, Alfonso Victoria Espinosa de los Monteros, Fabiola Ramírez Martínez, Fernando del Rosario González, Jéssica Saraí Avilés Hernández, Moisés Galib Luna Viveros, Diego Israel Martínez Monroy, Kurt Santaella Saviñón, Claudia Rivas Vega, Iván Alejandro García Navarro, Arantxa Elizabeth Chávez Muñoz, Jahír Ángel Ocampo Marroquín Clavados, Jorge Luis Martínez Morales y Janeth Alegría Peña