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Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) students are champions


UVM Students under-17 Soccer Champions

Daniel Hernandez and Antonio Briseño Trejo Vázquez (Pollo), high school students at UVM Campus Guadalajara, were members of the Mexican national soccer team (the under 17 division) who played with tenacity to win the championship earlier this week.

Bold, tough, easy going, technologically savvy, committed to their personal grooming and sometimes even clueless when meeting their fans and followers, are how both students are described by their teachers.

"I am proud to know these students and was thrilled they won the championship. Pollo is charismatic Dany is loose, Daniel perhaps a bit more serious and reserved but both are excellent students," said Jaime Gonzalez Martinez, Artistic Development Director at UVM.

Their teachers believe that these students were born with the skills that enabled them to join the sub-17 team, but that UVM's schedule provided them with the flexibility to further develop their skills to become the high performance athletes featured in Mexico and the world, while completing their education.

"Being in the Mexican selection, the truth is it's the best experience anyone who likes football can have, when I think about how many kids my age wanted to be in my place and think how lucky I am that I can't waste this opportunity, not a single moment", stated Daniel Hernandez Trejo in the days before Mexico won the championship.

UVM's teachers are proud and committed to providing better and better training for their students, encouraging students to focus on academics, personal development and sport to be balanced citizens Mexico and UVM needs.

"Both Daniel and Pollo are making history and it's nice to see them and meet them in another area other than a football match. In the teacher and student relationship, I realize that they are great people, very complete, not just as athletes but great people. They are very sociable, able to think and reason on an individual and collective basis," stated Idalia Perez, Professor of Reading and Writing at UVM.

Universidad del Valle de México focuses a great deal of effort on a daily basis to educate young high school students and the evening program is composed of outstanding students who excel in a variety of different sports. This victory makes us as an important educational alternative in Mexico to encourage and train talented professionals in various disciplines.

"These guys are very dedicated and know where they were going, they are young people who are not satisfied to just be the best athletes in the world, but they want to be the best students too, and they know how to balance these qualities," said Alejandra Gonzalez Canales, Coordinator of Evening High School at UVM Campus Guadalajara Norte. Universidad del Valle de México Norte Guadalajara campus recognizes that combining education and sport encourages growth and training of persons engaged in the country.