UVM Tuxtla student won first place in the National Chemistry Olympiad


UVM Tuxtla student won first place in National Chemistry Olympics

Gabriel Trevino Verástegui, a sixth-semester high school student at UVM Campus Tuxtla, was awarded a gold medal for winning first place in the Advanced group of the 20th National Chemistry Olympics (Olimpiada Nacional de Química - OnQ), which was hosted by Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico.

OnQ is a competition between students enrolled in upper secondary school programs that aims to promote the study of chemistry as well as support the development of young talent in the field of chemistry. The OnQ is organized by the Mexican Academy of Sciences (la Academia Mexicana de Ciencias), the School of Chemistry of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (la Facultad de Química de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), the Mexican Association of Analytical Chemistry (la Asociación Mexicana de Química Analítica) and the Chemistry Society of Mexico (la Sociedad Química de México).

The 20th National Chemistry Olympics included 187 students representing the 32 states of the Mexican Republic. Gabriel Trevino, who also won the 2010 "Golden Lynx" award, the highest recognition that UVM awards to its outstanding students, represented Chiapas State. His victory at the Olympics brings gold to the State of Chiapas as well as to UVM. With this victory, the young student is now among of the 15 students shortlisted to participate in the International Chemistry Olympics, representing Mexico.