UVM Students will compete in "Robocup Istanbul 2011", an international robotics competition


UVM students will compete in international robotics competition

Elisa Godinez and Tania Marquez, students from Universidad del Valle de Mexico's Campus Lomas will represent UVM and Mexico in the international competition "Robocup Istanbul 2011", which will take place between July 5 and 11.

The two students won the right to travel to Turkey during the Seventh Minirobot Institutional Competition which took place at UVM Campus Saltillo. They won in the Lady Robot category, which was only open to women with the assistance of a faculty member, in this case, Professor Oswaldo Acevedo.

The two UVM Lomas Verdes students were successful in spite of the fact that they had very little time to test their robotic creation in Saltillo, "The tests in Saltillo were complicated, one element was finding the right parts, then they had to test their creation in hockey and then to take their creation through a maze," says Elisa Godinez, the team captain who, along with Tania Marquez, are breaking the stereotype that robotics is not just for men but also women.

"Robotino" is the robot which Elisa and Tania will bring to the competition in Turkey, the tests will be different than in Saltillo, contestants will use the same platform, so no teams will have an unfair advantage over anyone else.

The "Robocup Istanbul 2011" competition will highlight the innovation, creativity and enterprise of each of the participating students, as well as judging the speed in which they solve problems that were present during the tests.

Tania and Elisa are accompanied by their teacher Oswaldo Acevedo. According to Professor Acevedo, the most important part of his role is to continue generating a pool of students interested in mechatronics and by having students leverage their experience and knowledge to share it with their fellow students so future students don't have to start from scratch every year. "Young people need to go beyond the competition, because in Mexico we need people who can compete in this field," he said.