UVM is recognized among Mexico's top 10 universities


UVM is recognized among Mexico's top 10 universities

Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) has been recognized among the top ten higher education institutions in Mexico for the 8th year in a row by Guía Universitaria 2011 from the editors of Selecciones. This year UVM earned fifth place among Mexico's top 100 public and private universities.

The ranking was carried out by IPSOS, a third party market research firm. The methodology used is based on the perceptions of students, graduates and teachers, as well as recruiters and employers (as the later ultimately determine which universities are providing the most skilled talent). The ranking considering three primary dimensions: Prestige, Image and Professional Evaluation and Infrastructure (each primary dimension is composed of several variables).

UVM earned its place among the best institutions in Mexico by ranking high on each of the three primary dimensions. The analysis supported the academic and institutional advances undertaken by UVM as well as the focus on earning program level accreditation, hiring and developing well trained teachers (who teach and evaluate students) and the connections that UVM has with other institutions in Mexico and around the world.

UVM campuses are ranked among the best throughout Mexico

In addition to UVM being nationally among the country's top universities, ranking 5th both in 2010 and 2011 among the private and public institutions and 3rd among the private institutions, UVM campuses ranked among the top ten schools in each geographic region in Mexico that were considered in the ranking (Pacífico, Norte, Bajío, Centro, Valle y Sureste). This national and local strength is proof of the consistency of quality programs and faculty throughout UVM's 36 campuses.

According to Carlos Enrique González Negrete, UVM's Academic Vice Rector, the strengthening of academic personal throughout the institution, having more than 50 programs accredited by external bodies that are recognized by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP), the creation of new programs and constant update and improvement of existing programs, the sharing of best practices from more than 60 leading post-secondary institutions from around the world and the integration of the latest in laboratory and educational practices are some of the many reasons UVM has earned its place among Mexico's best universities.