In 2010, Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) was the university most preferred by employers


UVM - Mexico

Students and graduates from Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) are among the most sought after potential employees by recruiters from Mexico's leading companies.

According to figures from the University Employment Network (la Red Universitaria de Empleo - RUE), students and graduates from UVM received more job offers in 2010 than graduates from any other university (a total of 11,908 offers). RUE is a system developed by, the leading site for job searches. OCCMundial brings more than 11 years of experience to helping universities provide greater and broader job opportunities for students and graduates while providing companies with highly qualified candidates. The OCCMundial's RUE includes more than 80 universities throughout Mexico and has helped a substantial number of students and alumni find challenging and rewarding professional positions.

This great showing is evidence that the academic preparation UVM students receive is greatly appreciated by the best companies in the Mexican labor market, giving our students more and better opportunities for professional development.