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Universidad del Valle de México professor receives "Best Teacher of Latin America" from the IOCIM


UVM professor receives

With over 10 years of experience teaching in the Medical Program at Universidad del Valle de México Campus Querétaro, Dr. Eduardo Rubén Barreira Mercado has earned international recognition.

After a career of 31 years in clinical education in Mexico, Dr. Eduardo Barreira was recognized with the Award for Medical Teaching "Best Teachers in Latin America" in the field of rheumatology by the International Organization for Training and Medical Research (IOCIM). Dr. Barreira is one of four Mexicans who have received the award this year.

"Teaching is like a sport for me, it's the thing that makes my clinical practice fun, because young people always impose a new challenge and also keep me up to date," said Dr. Barreira. According to Dr. Barreira, being a teacher is a privilege that has allowed him to leave a seed of knowledge, curiosity, expectation and enthusiasm in young doctors. He also shared that now more than ever he is committed to students to be a prototype of a domain area in the Health Sciences.

The IOCIM is an international organization that monitors the academic performance of those engaged in university level medical education, through the measurement of merit, results within different specialties, extramural activities, the performance of students and the professional performance of graduates.

At the last summit in Argentina, they conducted a pre-assessment and election, which were followed for a year and then the winner of each country was notified. This time Mexico won awards in the areas of nutrition, cell biology, neurology and rheumatology in addition to another award earned in a previous summit in the area of molecular biology.