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The Foundation of Diabetes Research and the Universidad Del Valle De Mexico Formalize Collaboration


Diabetes Research
  • Diabetes is the leading cause of death in Mexico
  • Both institutions will work together to support investigation and create awareness on this disease

In Mexico there are more than 8 million people with diabetes, many of whom don't know that they suffer from the disease and who are therefore not receiving medical treatment. Diabetes is the leading cause of death each year in Mexico.

With this troubling situation and with the aim of promoting diabetes research as well as generating consciousness among the population on the suffering caused by diabetes, the Foundation of Diabetes Research (Fundación Investigación en Diabetes, A.C. - FIND) and the School of Health Sciences of Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) formalized a collaborative agreement today.

As a result of this agreement, the two organizations announced the creation of the "Forum on Diabetes Research, challenges and opportunities in Mexico" that took place on September 28th at UVM's Coyoacán Campus. The goal of the Forum is to promote research on the suffering caused by diabetes and its complications.

One of the contributions of this event will be to present the scientific and medical community with the current state of research on Type 1 Diabetes in Mexico and diabetes related complications. A summary of the presented research will be prepared to help share knowledge regarding the disease. Also, the FIND Prize to Diabetes Researchers will be created.

The agreement also includes the organization of activities to enhance the sharing of information regarding Diabetes to escalate knowledge of this disease as well as highlighting the risks of this disease, the measures one can take to prevent it as well as the actions needed to help control the disease.

The agreement also envisions the two groups creating future academic forums and conferences, producing materials to promote care and treatment of the disease, organizing events like the Walk for the Cure of Diabetes and the opening of diabetes research by UVM’s School of Health Sciences.

Ing. Agustín Núñez, President of the FIND said, "We are very pleased to have created this partnership with UVM since it is an institution with presence throughout the country through its 36 campuses and has a strong commitment to society, we are sure that through this agreement we will move diabetes research forward."

Dra. Soledad De Santiago, General Director of UVM's School of Health Sciences, emphasized that for UVM creating bonds with organizations like FIND is fundamental in the promotion of research since the sum of efforts represents the possibility of making more ambitious projects to the benefit of the society.