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Universidad del Valle de Mexico (UVM) is Ranked Among the Top Ten Universities in Mexico


UVM top 10 universities Mexico

With more than 50 years of experience, Universidad del Valle de México (UVM) prepares competitive professionals that are committed to Mexico’s future success.

For the seventh year in a row and in the setting of its 50th anniversary, Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), as a result of its academic quality, has been ranked among Mexico’s top ten post-secondary institutions. The ranking was completed by the 2010 University Guide prepared by Selecciones (2010 Guía Universitaria) and placed UVM in 5th place among the top public and private universities throughout the Mexican Republic.

The ranking is carried out by IPSOS, a market research firm that generates the ranking based on the perception of students, graduates, professors, employers and headhunters (who are those that can best evaluate the skills imparted by the universities) who looked at three main dimensions: prestige, image, and evaluation of programs and infrastructure (each of which is reviewed based on a determined number of variables).

UVM was ranked 5th overall due to its score in each of the parameters of the national evaluation carried out by IPSOS. The ranking also took into consideration the academic work carried out by the institution, the number of accredited programs, the number of highly educated and experienced professors, and the number of relationships each institution maintains throughout Mexico and the rest of the world.

UVM is among the top universities in the country
UVM improved in the rankings by two positions over the results from 2009 to become the 5th best university in Mexico (and the 3rd best private university). Additionally, in each of the five regions which have specific rankings - Pacífico, Norte, Centro, Valle, and Sureste y Bajío – UVM increased its ranking, becoming one of the five best in each region.

Carlos Enrique González Negrete, Academic Vice Rector, confirmed that a focus on improving the skills of faculty, program, and institutional accreditation; the creation and execution of study plans; the increased number of specialized laboratories; and increased integration of technology inside and outside the classroom are some of the many reasons for the high ranking and continued improvement.

One of the top three private universities in terms of number of accredited programs, UVM is one of the top three private universities in Mexico in terms of the number of academic programs are accredited by the Higher Education Accrediting Council (Consejo para la Acreditación de la Educación Superior, A.C. (COPAES)) —the only group authorized by the Secretary of Public Education (la Secretaría de Educación Pública - SEP) to grant official recognition to academic programs in Higher Education throughout Mexico. Through March 31 of this year, the university has 53 accredited programs and another 30 that are in the process of certification.

The recognition of the quality of the programs delivered by UVM includes reference to the academic personnel, the quality systems employed by the university, institutional services, top-notch facilities, research, and constant evaluation.   

The ten best universities in the country are*

  1. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  2. Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey
  3. Instituto Politécnico Nacional
  4. Universidad Iberoamericana
  5. Universidad del Valle de México (UVM)
  6. Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
  7. Universidad Anáhuac
  8. Universidad La Salle 
  9. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
  10. Universidad de Guadalajara

*According to la Guía Universitaria de los Editores de Selecciones 2010, Año 8, Número 8. (Rankings created by IPSOS)