President of Honduras recognizes work of young entrepreneurs from Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana

The five UNITEC students won the Yo Emprendo prize, part of the International Youth Foundation’s YouthActionNet® program


President of Honduras recognizes work of young entrepreneurs from Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana

The President of Honduras, Porfirio Lobo Sosa, recognized in the presidential palace, the leadership and entrepreneurship of five young UNITEC students, for their efforts in creating organizations or projects with high social impact in the country.

The undertaking of these university students was also rewarded by International Youth Foundation (IYF), which launched the YouthActionNet® program in 2001 to strengthen, support and promote the role of young people around the world who are creating positive change within their communities.

Since 2006, the International Youth Foundation and the Sylvan Laureate Foundation have introduced and implemented the YouthActionNet® program at universities in the Laureate International Universities network. UNITEC launched their YouthActionNet® program in May 2012.

"The students, whose work was recognized today by President Porfirio Lobo, seek to have a positive impact on their community through creative actions and are committed to solving problems and being real agents of change," said UNITEC’s Rector, Luis Zelaya.

For his part, the Director of Liaison and Entrepreneurship at UNITEC, René Gamero, explained that the young winners had to meet different requirements to be included in the Yo Emprendo award including: being between the ages of 18 and 29, having founded, co-founded or direct a company or nonprofit program with a high social impact, being an active and passionate young entrepreneur, being motivated by the opportunity to contribute to the development of their community, and have a company or program that has been at work for at least six months in Honduras.

The winners received $2,500 from IYF to capitalize their company or program and traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica, for leadership and entrepreneurship training. They also join the international network of YouthActionNet® Global Network and can be nominated for the YouthActionNet® global competition.

The five young UNITEC students congratulated by President Porfirio Lobo include:

  • Angelica Moncada, founder of the "Club Amor", a project designed to assist and motivate children through healthy eating and hygiene;
  • Leonardo Rivera, founder of "A Reason to Awakening ", which trains people in poor communities of Honduras without access to quality education,
  •  Julio García Prieto, founder of "One + One", a new initiative to support children's education in math, Spanish and natural sciences.
  • Esaid Maldonado, creator of "Volpromeam", a volunteer program to protect the environment and sustainable development through dumpsters for classifying garbage inside schools and colleges in the city of El Progreso, Yoro,
  • Xavier Rubio, founder of "Restoring my Capital", a project to combat the deterioration and abandonment of iconic structures in the city of Tegucigalpa.