UNITEC Honduras recognized as a Socially Responsible Company


UNITEC Honduras Sociall Responsible Organization

La Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC) of Honduras was recognized as a Socially Responsible Company by the Honduran Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (FUNDAHRSE).

The award distinguishes UNITEC for their extensive work in developing projects and programs aimed at improving the quality of life of Hondurans and developing and delivering best in class academic degree programs that help enterprising professionals earn the experience and develop the skills that they need to contribute to the sustainable development of Honduran society.

According to Luis Zelaya, the Rector of UNITEC, "We are a socially responsible institution in our whole educational process: consciously responding to the current demands of our society and country. These actions make a difference and make us a leading global university in Honduras. This recognition and acknowledgement makes us proud of the efforts we have been undertaking to contribute to the community and the environment."

Among the many institutional programs cited was the Student Scholarship, which was created toprovide access to quality higher education to students who want to continue their studies but have limited financial means through complete and partial grants. UNITEC will award approximately 600 scholarships through the end of 2011.