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Alvaro Uribe, Former President of Colombia, addresses students at Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana in Honduras


Alvaro Uribe, Former President of Colombia, addresses students at Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana in Honduras

On November 23, 2010, Alvaro Uribe, Former President of Colombia, visited the Tegucigalpa campus of Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (Unitec) in Honduras and delivered a moving speech titled "The Future of Entrepreneurship: Identifying Opportunities". While in Honduras, President Uribe was also recognized by the Honduran National Congress with the Gran Cruz con Placa de Oro, the highest award granted by the Congress.

Several hundred members of the Unitec community attended the event, which was also broadcast live via the internet in English and Spanish to thousands of students, faculty and staff throughout the Laureate International Universities network in Latin America and Europe.

Luis Zelaya, Rector of Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana introduced President Uribe, noting "Colombia provides an excellent example of what can happen when a people work together that we in Honduras should seek to emulate. It is an honor, both for Unitec and for Laureate International Universities, to welcome Alvaro Uribe to speak to us about the Colombian experience."

Drawing on his personal and professional experience, President Uribe's speech focused on the role of entrepreneurship in the development of national economies and the vital role that political stability and education plays in setting the foundation for entrepreneurial activity. According to President Uribe, "I am honored to be in Honduras, a country that has always taken the difficult steps necessary to defend its democracy, and I am honored to be here at Unitec an institution that is taking the steps to help develop the next generation of Honduran citizens." Following his speech, President Uribe took questions from students, faculty and staff in the audience, providing him with the opportunity to share specific thoughts on the topics most of interest to the Unitec and Laureate communities.

Unitec Honduras is the second Laureate institution to have received the great honor of a visit from the former President of Colombia (Universidad Andrés Bello recognized President Uribe with an Honorary Doctoral Degree in 2006) and we look forward to welcoming him to other Laureate campuses in the future.