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CEUTEC student wins Latin American Illustration Award

The work "Indifference" recognized as the best among nearly 5,000 projects


CEUTEC student wins Latin American illustration award

Samuel Enrique Erazo Rivera, a Graphic Design student from Centro Universitario Tecnológico (CEUTEC), won first place in the Latin American Illustration Awards. This was the second year the award was organized by the Faculty of Design and Communication at the University of Palermo (UP), in Argentina.

The book "Latin America is me, the best illustrated works from Latin American Art 2012" includes work from the winners of the competition, as well as selected highlights. The book includes the work "Indifference", which Samuel originally created for his Graphic Communication II class at CEUTEC and later submitted for the competition.

"Our Latin American design meeting is a window into the talent of students, professionals and academics from throughout the continent. In 2012 we developed the sixth Poster Design Competition 'Latin America is me' and the Latin American Illustration Award for the second time. In all, more than 8,000 works by artists from twenty countries were presented," said the Dean of the Faculty of Design and Communication at the University of Palermo, Oscar Echevarria.

The publication this year includes 242 winning works which were especially selected to make up the book, and select posters. It is published for the sixth year and in the words of Dean of the UP, "represents the creative diversity of Latin America and reflects the values, perspectives and aspirations of the region’s people."

Mario Castillo, the Director of CEUTEC’s Graphic Design program, said: "We are proud and motivated to learn that one of our students stands out among many throughout Latin America with work that transcends borders. The highest function of a good visual design is to communicate. His work showed that indifference is no good for our society, which needs professionals that are committed to their communities and aware of social problems."

Meanwhile, Luis Orlando Zelaya, the Rector of UNITEC, said: "My most sincere congratulations to our professors and especially to our student Samuel Erazo: an unmistakable sign of the talent and ability of Honduras. He is a pride for our country, CEUTEC, the Graphic Design program, and mostly for himself and his family."

The winning student said: "I am honored to represent CEUTEC, the Graphic Design program, our professors and our leaders and especially Mr. Mario Castillo, who has motivated us to move on and be better at what we do. I think that if you have talent, you have the obligation to cooperate with the country by using it to promote education and awareness. My work reflects a process of conceptualization and abstraction based on the environment I face every day."

Samuel thinks design and advertising can be a critical tool to open minds and show hard truths that must be addressed.

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