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CEUTEC student recognized as "Best Foreign Correspondent"

2nd year in a row that Kenia Valladares has been recognized



Kenia Valladares is a student at Centro Universitario Centroamericana (CEUTEC) in La Ceiba, Honduras and for the last three years has worked as a correspondent for the e-newspaper Recorriendo America News, which is based in Miami, USA. Kenia said the experience of being selected as the best foreign reporter for the second year in a row is unforgettable.

She explained that some of her most important journalistic interviews have included former U.S. Ambassador in Honduras, Hugo Llorens; the Honduran actor and director James Joint; and the Consul of Honduras in Miami, Lizette Hawit. These and other articles regarding tourism, politics, culture, traditional festivals, economy, music and entertainment, have earned her the position as the best digital media correspondent for this e-newspaper based in the U.S. state of Florida.

"I have been working for the newspaper for three years and this prize is awarded to distinguished correspondents in this field of the media, including Peruvian, Argentine and leading journalists living in Miami. This year I was selected for my published journalism from 2012 and my contributions as a correspondent in Honduras. (...) It was very rewarding, because I realized the amount of people who read the newspaper and who want to know about what is happening in our country," said Kenia, who will receive the award in November.

Touring America was founded in 2006 as a radio program broadcast by the radio station Cadena Azul WRHC 1550 AM, to promote the rich history and culture of Latin American countries. After several years focused on radio, they launched a digital portal to increase global coverage under the new name of

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.