Universidad de Las Americas Ecuador hosts “Laboratory of Ecuadorean Cuisine”


Universidad de Las Americas Ecuador hosts “Laboratory of Ecuadorean Cuisine”

On October 18, 2014, Universidad de Las Américas in Quito, Ecuador hosted the “Laboratory of Ecuadorean Cuisine" to share some of the university’s latest work in the field with invited members of the diplomatic community, government leaders and culinary leaders from Ecuador. The university hopes to continue to play an important role in promoting Ecuador’s cuisine to draw international tourists.

During the event, ambassadors had the opportunity to try their hand, with the support of the university’s leading chefs, to try and give life to some of the country’s most emblematic dishes, like “el encocao de langostino.” Attendees included Douglas Koneff from the United States; Rebekka Magnúsdóttir from Germany; Jaime Manuel del Arenal from Mexico; María José Argaña Mateu from Paraguay; Medhat Elmeligy from Egypt; Patrick Mullee from Great Britan; Paula María Miranda Vargas from Costa Rica; Rolando Chuang from Taiwán; Ricardo Lozano from Colombia; Yehuda Avivi from Israel; Gian Pierre Campos from Perú; Franklin Duarte from Nicaragua; Irma Rebecca Monzón from Guatemala; y Alberto Álvarez Tufillo from Argentina.

In addition to sharing great food with these distinguished leaders, the university announced an upcoming event, “Colada Morada y Guaguas de Pan Quito 2014,” which is being organized by Universidad de las Américas, Quito Tourism and the city of Quito.

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