Former President of Ecuador Visits Universidad de Las Américas Ecuador


Former President of Ecuador Visits Universidad de Las Américas Ecuador

Former President of Ecuador, Arq. Sixto Durán-Ballén, visited Universidad de Las Américas Ecuador in Quito on Oct. 2 to share a new book on his life, which deals not only with his extensive work as a dedicated public servant and president, but also with his work as an urban planner and architect.

The book includes photos, designs and texts that highlight Durán-Ballén’s career and the proposals he made to reform urban planning when he became mayor of Quito and later president of Ecuador. Also included are photos taken over time to show the impact of his proposals in the continued development of the city.

The rector of Universidad de Las Américas, Dr. Carlos Larreategui, hosted President Durán-Ballén and shared an overview of the vital role the former president played in Ecuador’s architectural development as well as his contributions to teaching and through public service.

The architect and former president asked that the book not just be seen as a review of his life, but also as an important part of the country’s development. He talked about the reconstruction effort he led following the earthquake and how he was able to bring his expertise as an urban planner to support the continued development of Quito when he served as mayor of the city.

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