UDLA Ecuador Faculty Research Traditional Herbs


UDLA Ecuador Faculty Research Traditional Herbs

Faculty and researchers from Universidad de Las Américas Ecuador (UDLA Ecuador) worked to help compile an inventory and research on the medicinal plants used by the Tsáchila people of Ecuador to cure a number of different sicknesses and ailments.

These plants and herbs have been used by Tsáchila for many generations and are part of the group’s traditions and can provide valuable information to contemporary medicine research. Migel Ángel Moreta organized the meeting between the university and the Tsáchila . “It’s important for us to better understand their use of these plants, because it can hold important lessons for us as we work to cure other diseases and maladies,” he said.

“We are hoping for great things from this collaboration. While it’s not the first time we have engaged to share our expertise, it has not yielded immediate results. We also want to make sure that the knowledge of our ancestors carries on into the future,” added the Tsáchila governor, Javier Aguavil.

Manuel Maldéon, director of UDLA’s research center, said it is vitally important to analyze all the plants in the region as they have provided unique and effective treatments for the local people over many years and learning more about these can help work taking place around the world.