UDLA Ecuador welcomes Real Madrid faculty to Quito

Faculty deliver special workshop on careers in sports marketing


UDLA Ecuador welcomes Real Madrid faculty to Quito

José Moya, Gabriel Rodriguez and Miguel Silvestre, faculty from the Real Madrid School of University Studies visited UDLA Ecuador from July 16th through the 20th to talk to students about careers in sports marketing.

Planning a sports facility, budgetary constraints, analysis and diagnosis of supply and demand, project management and how it works in public and private entities, ambush marketing, managing sports organizations, creating a public relations campaign, and managing sponsorships were among the issues addressed by the speakers.

The faculty also took students through case studies focused on the management of Nike and Adidas and exercises were conducted to highlight and explain comparative marketing strategies that companies inside and outside sports management use.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.