UDLA Ecuador's Cesar Paz y Miño and Andres Lopez-Cortes recognized for best scientific publication


Award for UDLA Ecuador's Cesar Paz y Mino

The Municipality of Quito recognized Cesar Paz y Miño, Director of UDLA Ecuador's Institute for Biomedical Research and Andres Lopez-Cortes genetic researcher with the Enrique Garcés Award for the best published work in Biological Sciences in 2011. They received this honor for their publication GLYPHOSATE: Genetics, Health and Environment, published by UDLA and the National Secretary of Higher Education Science and Technology (SENESCYT).

The book aims to support the understanding of glyphosate and its impact on communities and the environment. The Institute of Biomedical Research at UDLA, with financial support from SENESCYT, provides a setting to assess the conditions of health, genetics, cytogenetics, psychology, sociology, and environmental conditions through the analysis of microorganisms, heavy metals, soil samples and water, affected geographic areas.