Chef Chris Koetke Named Honorary Member of UDLA Ecuador's School of Culinary Arts


Chef Christopher Koetke at UDLA

On May 17, 2010, Chef Christopher Koetke, Vice President of Laureate’s Center for Excellence in Culinary Arts Cooking Arts, was recognized as an Honorary Member of UDLA Ecuador. The School of Culinary Arts of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality of UDLA awarded Christopher Koetke CEC, CCE, Dean of Kendall College’s School of Culinary Arts and Vice President of the Center for the Excellence in Culinary Arts of Laureate International Universities, a diploma and uniform from the degree program, symbols that recognize him as an honorary member of UDLA.

Doctor Simón Cueva, Vicerector of Universidad de Las Américas, and Chef Carlos Gallado, Director of UDLA’s School of Culinary Arts, granted Chef Koetke this high honor in recognition of the tremendous contributions he has made to the field of Culinary Arts during his career, which have distinguished him as a professional and as an academic leader at the global level. Proof of his success is demonstrated through his tireless leadership in the very demanding programs of Culinary Arts for Laureate International Universities.

Taking advantage of the visit, students from the School of Culinary Arts at UDLA received firsthand information regarding the academic programs that Kendall College’s School of Culinary Arts offers. The illustrious new honorary member of the UDLA team took note of, examined, and tasted several typical gastronomic treats from Ecuador like the sapodilla, the cherimoya, the tree tomato, and the exquisite cacao, sharing with the students his knowledge and perceptions with respect to these new flavors.