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Universidad Viña del Mar signs agreement with the Santiago South American Games

UVM to host several events and help attract and train volunteers for the regional games


UVM to host several events and help attract and train volunteers for the regional games

At Universidad Viña del Mar’s Campus Rodelillo gym, the university and the Corporation for the 2014 Santiago South American Games signed an agreement that will provide the games with the use of the university’s facilities and will help the Games train and manage volunteers.

The Executive Director of the Games, Marcela Gonzalez; IND’s Regional Director, Charles Oliver; Secretary General of the Olympic Committee of Chile, Jaime Agliati; the UVM’s Rector, Julio Castro; and Captain of the Chilean Handball team, Marco Onetto, who was honored for his outstanding performance, participated in the signing ceremony.

"This is a great sporting event, we lost in the Panamerican games, but hope to come back in Santiago in 2014. It is a great opportunity to showcase UVM’s organizational abilities. We will provide support for anything needed so that this major sporting event will be a success," said Rector Julio Castro.

Meanwhile, the Secretary-General of the Chilean Olympic Committee and General Secretary of the Santiago 2014 Corporation, Jaime Agliati, said that "Attracting volunteers for this event, as well as the use of top notch facilities, are very important. What better way to attract volunteers than to join forces with a university like UVM, as well as the city, to accomplish this goal."

It is important to note that the Valparaíso Region is co-hosting this event and will organize seven sports in the Games in areas such as: Rowing and Canoeing in Curauma; Sailing in Concón; riding in Quillota and Open Water Swimming, Triathlon and Handball in Viña del Mar.

"I applaud UVM, a large regional university, for hosting these events. This is the biggest sporting event in the country in the last fifty years. Our region is hosting events that will gain international exposure. In the summer, we will also have the Dakar Rally, the Odesur in March 2015 and will host World Copa America-Under 17," said Carlos Oliver, IND’s Regional Director.

The Executive Director of the Games, Marcela Gonzalez, also remarked that "this agreement allows us to move forward together with several institutions to support this national event. The Chilean athletes have won medals outside of our region and the chance to see them at home is great." González also added that there is a specific partnership with the university that primarily focuses on providing volunteers for the game. She stated that “We need 3,500 volunteers for the games. There are 16 different areas for volunteers and many of them are linked to degree programs provided at UVM.”

Finally, for the captain of the Chilean Handball Team, Marco Onetto, the opportunity to play at home is a dream come true. "It is the dream of every athlete. I have relatives that have never seen me play and Chile has never had a sporting event of this magnitude. For me, this is a tournament I've been waiting for since I knew that the venue would be in Viña del Mar.”

This article has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.