Universidad Viña del Mar programs earn accreditation

Programs in Physical Education and Basic Education are recognized for quality and practical focus


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Chile’s National Commission of Accreditation (CNA) has certified the program in Physical Education and the program in Basic Education at Universidad Viña del Mar. The program in Physical Education received accreditation for four years (2013-17) and the program in Basic Education earned accreditation for three years (2013-16). The length of the accreditations is based on the infrastructure the university devotes to these programs, the quality of faculty and preparation for careers in teaching.

Physical Education

For the head of the Physical Education program, Ramon Baronti, accreditation represents the end of another successful chapter in this young program, which reaffirms the internal dedication shown by the university. Baronti said that during 2012 the program reached many of the goals set by the management team, including: progress with the dual qualification that is managed by the Department of International Relations and links with universities of Anhembi Morumbi (Brazil) and American (Argentina), the participation of teachers in the Congress of Human Movement in Buenos Aires, the implementation of the International Masters in Sports Science, research activities in the Municipality of Nogales on "Promotion of habits of healthy lifestyles in school", forward the agreement with Anglo American.

Today UVM has its own sports infrastructure in good condition for use during curricular activities of the program (new gym, courts, weight machine rooms, soccer, etc). There are Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition laboratories with the latest equipment. The program curriculum integrates theoretical and practical activities. There are various subjects that place learning in the natural or social context in which they shall serve students. In addition, feedback from employers and managers where students completed internships were very positive.

Basic Education

According to Ximena Tapia, head of the degree program "This accreditation confirms that UVM’s Basic Education degree program meets the requirements identified by the education system to face the challenges of society." However, Tapia explained the need to "further strengthen the relationship with graduates and employers to obtain better feedback and integrate to improve and update activities and professional discipline."

According to the report submitted by the evaluation committee, the degree program is very well represented by graduates. The degree program includes four training areas, which are oriented to learning and know-how. In addition, the 2011-2015 Education Project will launch innovative programs to support the continued development of graduates. All programs reviewed were oriented in theoretical and practical activities, focusing on the results of student learning, which is recognized and highlighted by interviewees. The program incorporates internships and the second half of the program includes seminar work, which gives the prospective teacher in the Basic Education degree program a significant space in which to ​​integrate educational experiences.

The unit has a qualified faculty with academic and professional experience that are committed to the institution and its students. Finally, the teaching methods used in the program foster active learning, where team work and constructive criticism, especially important in reflection and analysis.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.