Universidad Viña del Mar students win the 2012 Student Entrepreneur Competition

Three projects recognized by initiative to support student entrepreneurship


UVM students win the 2012 Student Entrepreneur Competition

Three projects were approved for implementation by the Ministry of Education (Ministry of Education) at Universidad Viña del Mar, under the Institutional Development Fund (IDF) to support Student Entrepreneurs.

The academic degree programs that stood out for their projects were: Kinesiology, Occupational Therapy and Education in History and Social Sciences. The awards range between 5 million Chilean Pesos and 1 million Chilean Pesos. More than two dozen UVM students presented their ideas through this competition so UVM has to complete an institutional selection process, as each participating university was limited to submitting up to ten initiatives.

The pre-selection of projects was conducted by an Evaluation Committee composed of Marco Vega, the General Director of Undergraduate programs; Daniel Moraga, Director General of Educational Improvement; David Rojas, Research Engineer; Carolina Andaur, Head of General Education; Francisca Silva, Director of Student Affairs (DAE); Samara Toledo, Head of Learning Enhancement.

The Academic Vice-Rector thanked all the students who participated in the competition and reported that IDF are asking the Ministry of Education for the scores for each project, to identify gaps so that they can be considered in future competititons.

The winners are:

  • Marco Antonio Otaiza Perez and team: Physical Therapy in athletics and functional rehabilitation as applied to members UVM sports teams. Physical Therapy, School of Health Sciences.
  • Mauricio Calderon Gallardo and team: Improving initial cultural teacher training. Strategies to support inclusion in socio-educational vulnerable populations. History and Social Sciences Education, School of Education.
  • Daniela Castro Aravales and team: Supplementing resources visually impaired students, creating resource rooms for students with visual disabilities. Occupational Therapy, School of Health Sciences.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.