Universidad Viña del Mar and the National Hispanic University sign agreement


UVM Chile and NHU sign agreement

The National Hispanic University (NHU) in the United States and Universidad Viña del Mar (UVM), through their respective authorities, signed an agreement of mutual cooperation at NHU's San Jose Campus. The agreement will help the two institution work on projects, with a special emphasis on developing innovative strategies to help vulnerable students stay enrolled and graduate.

The agreement was finalized after a visit that UVM's Rector Julio Castro and academic vice-rector, Juan Pablo Prieto, made to the United States. In addition to signing the agreement, they held interesting meetings where they discussed topics related to student development, use of information technology for academic success and careers linking environment and production services.

The agreement was signed by Rector Castro and the President of NHU, Dr. David Lopez. The agreement seeks to create a series of potential solutions that will prevent students from dropping out during their first academic semester by creating curricular and extracurricular structures aimed at serving social, cultural and sexual minorities as well as providing teacher training aimed at promoting the graduation of student's with a high risk of dropping out.

Among the activities covered by the agreement were the organization of joint training activities, such as:

  • Organizing courses, conferences, seminars and graduate programs on topics that meet the mutual interests of both institutions.
  • Creating joint financing initiatives for studies and research projects.
  • Developing peer counseling resources to support challenges students face at each institution.
  • Exchanging students, teachers, information and documentation.

Both parties will meet periodically to carry out concrete proposals for collaboration and will create a Monitoring Committee comprised of at least one representative from each of the institutions.