Universidad Viña del Mar is regional leader of the United Nations Global Pact project


UVM Chile campus building

Universidad Viña del Mar (UVM) is one of the institutions of higher education in the Valparaíso region that joined the Chilean chapter of the Global Pact, an international forum launched by the United Nations in 2000. The Global Pact requests that all signers adopt ten principles associated with human rights, labor rules, the environment and anti-corruption.

In an event that took place in the Casino of the City's Gardens, the creation of the regional chapter of the organization was formed, which will be led by UVM.

The Executive Secretary of the Chilean Chapter of the Global Pact, Margarita Ducc, confirmed the creation of this committee, which will include Enjoy, the Valparaíso Chamber of Commerce, the Municipality of Easter Island, Universidad Andrés Bello and Universidad Viña del Mar. The committee will "support the continued growth in participation in the region as well as promoting these types of initiatives throughout the country."

Starting in September, the Regional Committee will have monthly meetings during which they will create a working plan for the rest of the year that will focus on creating resources to support good labor and environmental practices that organizations will need to adopt to join this esteemed group.

Carlos Ramírez, Director of International Relations, signed the agreement on behalf of UVM. He was accompanied at the signing ceremony by a select group of UVM leaders including Hugo Pirovich, Gonzalo Becerra, Macarena Deney, Lila Farías y Alberto Marín.

The agreement:

By joining this initiative, UVM has agreed to make the initiative's mission its own and promote its adoption through its activities and through its fields of influence.

This agreement requires that UVM explicitly state and show its support for the Global Pact and its ten principles through providing information to the community, integrating the principles into the school's mission and providing an annual progress update to the group or provide lessons on what the school has learned through the implementation of the Pact's principles.

The principles of the Global Pact share universal consensus and are derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration Principles of the International Labor Organization, the Rio Declaration on the Environment and Development and the United Nations Anti-Corruption Convention.

In Chile, the Global Pact is composed of 52 companies and organizations, which have come to believe that while today it is not enough to produce goods and services, through the support and promotion of the ten principles of the Global Pact they can support their corporate strategies and help improve their local communities. Among these fundamental values are the elimination of forced labor and child labor and removal of all forms of corruption.