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UDLA hosts 2012 National Junior Chess Championship


UDLA hosts 2012 National Youth Chess Championship

Event attracted record attendance of more than 300 youth competitors, between ages 6 and 18.

Universidad de Las Américas, working with the Chilean Chess Federation of the National Sports Federation (la Federación Deportiva Nacional Ajedrez Federado de Chile - AJEFECH) and the Chilean Foundation for Chess, hosted the 2012 National Junior Chess Championship.

More than 300 participants gathered to compete in the event in the gymnasium of UDLA’s Providencia campus. The competitors were joined and supported by their parents, relatives and friends.

According to Jorge Egger, AJEFECH coordinator, hosting the event at UDLA was great, "In December we started having meetings with UDLA leaders. Later, we visited the gym and found it to be a very suitable place to hold the competition. Now we see the final result, we are very happy with what we have accomplished, breaking even more records. We hope in future to do similar events and also to include adult competitors.”

Meanwhile, Alan Gonzalez, Director of UDLA’s Institute of Sport, said it is important to open up disciplines that are not as global as football or tennis. "We are interested in community outreach and what better way than through this alliance. It is the biggest national youth tournament and as a university it is very important for us to be part of this. In Chile we need to increase awareness of this discipline and this is a very good opportunity. "