UDLA Student wins the Leader of the Future Award


UDLA Chile Student Recognized

The award, delivered by the newspaper Estrategía and Universia Chile, went to Manuel Gómez del Río, who earned a degree in Business Administration from the Providencia campus of Universidad de Las Américas.

The "Leaders of the Future" is awarded jointly by newspaper Estrategía and Universia Chile to the best recent graduate in the field of business administration from throughout Chile. This year the prize was awarded to Manuel Alejandro Gomez, the best student from all of UDLA's campuses.

Manuel Alejandro received the award from the Provost of UDLA, Paulina Dittborn, who congratulated his efforts and work over the five years of the degree program, which earned him this important recognition.

When asked why he decided to study Business Administration, Gomez said, "My first motivation was to start a program that would allow me to leverage my previous studies of advertising and business. Though it took me a little while to find my calling, now I realize that I was born for this: I'm analytical, creative, inventive and innovative, even while I sleep I am thinking about how to optimize a procedure or how to fix things, so I always have to have a piece of paper to take notes on those ideas that come to mind. Some think you can dream work, but for me this is not just work, it's my passion and motivation."

On future prospects, he said he would like the opportunity to occupy a senior position linked to the areas of strategic planning, marketing and operations management, "I'm motivated to work for an interesting, stimulating, challenging, company, that pays well and is fun but also leaves time for me to achieve my personal goals," he said.

Notably, Manuel Alejandro was accompanied during the ceremony by his very proud parents, Manuel Gomez and Ana Maria del Rio.