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UDLA's ProRectora recognized among Chile's top 100 women leaders in 2010


UDLA’s ProRectora recognized among Chile’s top 100 women leaders in 2010

Paulina Dittborn, the Pro-Rector of Universidad de Las Américas Chile (UDLA), was distinguished with the award "100 Women Leaders of 2010", awarded by the "El Mercurio" newspaper and the organization "Businesswomen". This award, which is based on the votes of more than 16,000 people and the considerations of an esteemed jury of peers, is one of Chile's most important awards for women leaders. ProRectora Dittborn received this award in 2010, the third time she has received this honor, for her contribution to the development of future professionals.

The award ceremony took place in El Mercurio's Santiago offices. The President of the Chilean Republic, Sebastián Piñera, and his wife Cecilia Morel, atended the ceremony and recognized the work and dedication of each of the award winners.

In addition to her key leadership role at UDLA, Paulina Dittborn is the President of the Chilean Institute of North American Culture (Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura) and works closely with the Chilean Good Business Institute (Instituto Chileno de Administración Racional de Empresas). Prior to joining Universidad de Las Américas, Dittborn served as sub-Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Work and was Vice President of the Higher Education Council (Consejo Superior de Educación).

In addition to ProRectora Dittborn, many other notable women in the fields of science, art and business were recognized for their contributions to society including psychologist Pilar Sordo, writer Isabel Allende (who recently won the National Literature Award), the former ballarina Sara Nieto and Soledad Ovando, General Director of Small Business at BancoEstado.