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Universidad Andrés Bello Professor Publishes Book on Teaching Practices

Carmen Gloria Garrido’s work focuses on some of the challenges of higher education


Universidad Andrés Bello Professor Publishes Book on Teaching Practices

Accompanied by senior representatives from Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB), Dr. Carmen Gloria Garrido Fonseca, Director of the Psychology degree program and Director of UNAB’s master degree program in higher education at Campus Viña del Mar, presented the book: "University Teaching. Moving Towards a Co-constructive Pedagogical Practice" (Ediciones Calibán).

After completing her doctoral thesis, Carmen decided she would like to publish a book to contribute to the discussion on the future of higher education in Chile. The book investigates and reconstructs the subjectivity of professors and connects it with the subjectivity of students. "It was a slow and laborious but very interesting process to create a book that makes sense and will generate discussion regarding the organization of university training," said Carmen Garrido. "This book is focused on the university as it is through a collection of essays from teachers on their own practices, it does not focus on grand ideals, but on what happens daily in the classroom," she added.

Chaired by Rolando Kelly Vice Rector of Universidad Andres Bello Campus Viña del Mar, the ceremony was attended by Carlos Mujica, UNAB’s academic vice president; Cristian Corvalan, dean of the Universidad del Valparaiso; and Luis Osandón, dean of the Faculty of Education at Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano.

"The goal of universities is to go beyond the training of professionals and there are different challenges that we have not fully undertaken," said Cristian Corvalan arguing that education needs to focus on helping to build the kind of society we want to live in. "Higher education is a pending chapter and this is what Carmen invites us to reflect on," he added.

Luis Osandón, the professor who guided Carmen Garrido’s doctoral thesis, explained that "when rereading this book I was surprised by how the work directly addresses the challenges we face in teaching and research. There is a lot of value in this book for the way it addresses the issue and the results shown."

This article has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.