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Universidad Andrés Bello launches new environmental protection campaign

"Watch your world, watch your neighborhood" campaign shares tips to care for the environment


Universidad Andrés Bello launches new environmental protection campaign

Around 30 students and professors spread out in Concepción to educate residents regarding the environment and picked up garbage that can be recycled. According to UNAB’s Vice Chancellor, Dr. Octavio Enriquez, the initiative will strengthen the bond between the university and the community, "since its founding, our university has been committed to social impact and scholarly activity, and is focused on environmental education, for if there is no awareness and no education, there will be no results. This activity is supported by institutions like the Ministry of Environment and the Municipality of Concepcion, and strengthens our social commitment."

Meanwhile, Marianne Hermanns, who has been a part of the activity from the beginning, said "We are delighted, for environmental education and recycling is a major issue for the Ministry. Our idea is to promote the call for people to recycle, so the UNAB initiative comes at a great time. This is the first city recycling center in the sector and has been successful thanks to the commitment of the neighbors."

As beneficiaries, the residents of the community confirmed to the students their commitment to recycling and Mary Rosas Donoso, president of the Neighborhood, stated "this has been a very interesting challenge, we are pleased with the support provided to us by UNAB because in this area we must persevere, because otherwise people forget to recycle."

Finally, Andrea Aste, from the Department of Environment of the Municipality of Concepcion emphasized that UNAB has incorporated environmental awareness. "Recycling initiatives are always valued, and in this sector it has been very successful which has motivated the government to launch a second collection point in the city of Concepcion to be part of a circuit similar to some communes of Santiago that have implemented this system."

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