Universidad Andrés Bello congratulates its 21 FONDECYT researchers

University more than doubles great results from 2011


Universidad Andrés Bello congratulates its 21 FONDECYT researchers

The leadership of Universidad Andrés Bello paid homage to the work of scientists through a small celebration in which they focused on the important role of the research being conducted at UNAB that is supporting Chile’s continued development.

In a cordial atmosphere, the 21 researchers who were awarded the National Fund for Scientific and Technological Development (FONDECYT) in 2013 were recognized by UNAB’s leaders, including the Rector, Pedro Uribe and Vice President for Research and Doctoral Programs, Andrés Gomberoff, in addition to many deans and faculty members.

"This year we won 21 projects, representing a 50% increase over 2012, and the same with publications. I give my heartfelt congratulations to the efforts that led to this exponential growth," said Gomberoff. On the occasion, Gomberoff also recognized the work of those who won the 2 projects funded by FONDAP, which are creating scientific centers of research excellence, and the work of those who are participating in the Fondef program, the first applied science contest, in which UNAB was awarded funding for three projects.

A backbone for research

The Rector Pedro Uribe noted and appreciated the work of researchers and confirmed that "the backbone of the university is made up of these scientists who through their efforts strengthen the university." In the same vein he added that the generation of this new knowledge is one of the contributions of the university to the country, through innovation and the creative peaks of these researchers. "In the coming years we want to continue developing this area, leading to more and more projects," he concluded.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.