Universidad Andrés Bello ranked among the top ten in Chile

Annual rankings from Qué pasa confirm UNAB’s place as a leading in Chilean university


Universidad Andrés Bello ranked among the top ten in Chile

According to research on Chilean universities conducted by Qué Pasa magazine, Universidad Andrés Bello is among the top ten universities. This is the 13th year that Qué Pasa magazine has conducted this survey and is a reflection of the university’s focus on quality education, leadership position in research and integration with the evolving needs of the labor market.

In the overall ranking that considers educational establishments recognized by the National Council of Education, Universidad Andrés Bello is ranked number ten. According to executives interviewed in downtown Santiago, UNAB ranks number nine.

According to University Ranking 2012, young people are very clear that it is not the same to study at any educational campus. Traditional universities historically are more desirable, but year after year, private universities are playing an increasingly important role. In the ranking of perceived quality of universities, UNAB is ranked number four. UNAB’s degree programs in Architecture, Nursing and Journalism are all ranked in the top.

Measuring degree programs

Regarding ranking by degree program, UNAB’s architecture program climbed 5 places to be ranked at #10, moving ahead of Universidad del Bio-Bio and Finis Terrae. There are 31 schools that deliver this program, which combined enroll more than 12 thousand students. In the case of nursing, UNAB’s program moved up by two positions, now ranking sixth nationally and second best among private universities.

The Director of Alumni of the University Andres Bello, Francisco Santa Maria declares "90% of our alumni get jobs shortly after graduation, which is a true example of academic and institutional commitment, and has earned us top national rankings over the past 10 years."

Another degree program that has moved up in recent years is Journalism. By 2011, it had moved up two positions, reaching number 8. UNAB, Adolfo Ibáñez and Diego Portales are the only private universities listed among the ten best in the country. They share the stage with the Universidad Católica, Universidad de Chile and Universidad de Concepción.

Other degree programs from UNAB that are part of the top ten include Business, Law and Engineering, which all who entered the top 10. Dentistry is ranked number 8. According to the magazine Qué Pasa, the 95% of professionals in this area find work upon graduation, making this degree one of the most sought after by students.

Of Chile’s 60 universities, only 15 have received accreditation in research and UNAB is the only private university accredited in this area. They are ranked 5th in terms of full time faculty with doctorates and in the same position with number of doctoral programs. According to CONICYT records, UNAB holds the top position in the number of publications indexed in the ISI database between the years 2000-2011 among private universities and twelfth nationally.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.