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Universidad Andrés Bello honors Sportacus as Ambassador of the "Wellness Program"

Magnus Scheving recognized for his work to promote healthy lifestyles


Universidad Andrés Bello honors Sportacus as Ambassador of the

Magnus Scheving, creator and star of the famous children's show LazyTown, was recognized by Universidad Andrés Bello with an award to recognize his work to promote healthy living. The Icelandic actor and gymnast created the famous children's character Sportacus. Magnus visited Chile to support the Choose Healthy Living campaign from the Health Ministry. He accepted an invitation from Universidad Andrés Bello, through its Wellness Program, to have an award created in his honor that will be awarded to students from the physical education program that promote healthy living.

The inaugural "Magnus Scheving" award was delivered to Wissam Esber, a first year student that embodies the spirit of Magnus. The creator of the program Lazy Town has been linked to sport since he was two years old as his father was swimming coach. Since then his life has been marked by physical activity. "I think sport is like life, you have to enjoy it and play a fair game, the team is more important than winning and it brings out the best in people," Magnus said during the ceremony.

Magnus was honored as Ambassador of Universidad Andrés Bello’s Wellness Program and toured the Casona de Las Condes campus, where he took to testing fitness machines outdoors and personally verified the actions taken by the university to become Chile’s first healthy campus.

Magnus Scheving "Sportacus"

Magnus Scheving is a successful athlete, entrepreneur, writer and producer. The LazyTown program that he created is possibly the most successful children's television series in the world. But it is not just a celebrity; he has advised several governments around the world to combat the high and growing levels of obesity in children.

When he was young, Magnus made a bet with a friend to see who would stand out more in sports. The actor who plays Sportacus started with gymnastics and was European champion in this discipline in 1994 and 1995. Before his sporting triumphs in life, Magnus said: "It is very easy to win. All you have to do is raise your arms and say Yujuuuu ".

His imaginary, LazyTown, has been very successful in the world, is available in more than 109 countries worldwide and has been translated into 18 languages. Among his many roles, Magnus wrote a book called "Afram Latibær!", which became a best seller, where he promotes the children health in a fun way.

At the end of the day, Magnus spent time with children, his number one fans. School students at the Pedro de Valdivia and Grange Schools took advantage of exercising with Magnus and learning about healthy diets.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.