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Students from UNAB’s School of Biochemistry won second place at the 2012 ANEB Congress

Students excelled in debate, sports and photography


Students from UNAB’s School of Biochemistry won second place at the 2012 ANEB Congress

Full of good memories and proud of their excellent showing, students from the School of Biochemistry at Universidad Andres Bello returned from the XXIX National Student Congress of Biochemistry from Valdivia, which took place from 7 to 11 August at Universidad Austral.

The delegation of 56 students who represented UNAB ranked second overall in a range of academic, athletic and artistic activities that took place during the congress. UNAB was second only to the host institution. "We're super happy. This year there was more commitment from the students of the delegation," says Isabella Benavides, a Biochemistry student and delegate from U. Andrés Bello.

In the debate competition, the team composed of Roberto Cerro, Baltasar Zepeda, Cristián Vergara and Klingerth Tapia won third place. Meanwhile, Patricio Guerrero and Allison Ortega, students of Dr. Claudia Saavedra and Dr. Guido Mora, reached third place in the presentation of oral arguments.

In the field of athletic competition, U. Andres Bello won first place in men’s football, thanks to the efforts of Vicente Villegas, Mauricio Cabaña, Alejandro Vallejos, Bastián Barthabure and Ricardo Álvarez. Meanwhile, the team of Baltasar Zepeda, Roberto Cerro, Klingerth Tapia, Felipe Marchant and Patricio García won first place in mixed basketball.

Finally, Roberto Cerro earned an honorable mention in the photography competition with a scientific image titled "Colors in our veins."

Isabella Benavides said that support from the academic leaders from the School of Biochemistry was instrumental in the successful participation of the University in the event. The logistical and organization support from Dr. Claudia Saavedra, director of the School, and Dr. Gabriel Leon, who prepared the students who participated in the debate competition, were specifically cited.

The success of the UNAB students in Valdivia was also based on the crucial collaboration of the academic secretary of the School of Biochemistry, Ruben Polanco, who provided organizational support and resources to help prepare.

The 2012 ANEB Congress included close to 500 students representing Universidad Andrés Bello, Universidad Austral de Chile, Universidad de Santiago, Universidad Católica, Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Unviersidad de Antofagasta, Universidad de Concepcion, Universidad de la Frontera and Universidad San Sebastián.

On the final day of the Congress, Isabella Benavides was elected vice president of the ANEB. In August 2013, Andres Bello will host the 30th anniversary meeting of the group.

This article was originally written in Spanish and has been translated into English to be shared on the Laureate International Universities website.