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22 U. Andrés Bello students win PhD scholarships from CONICYT


22 U. Andrés Bello students win PhD scholarships from CONICYT

Result places UNAB among the leading institutions in Chile

The National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica - CONICYT) released the results of the 2012 scholarship competition for doctoral studies in Chile. Universidad Andres Bello will host 22 students who received a scholarship to fund their doctoral studies through the scholarship program, which was created to help support students enrolled in programs accredited by the National Accreditation Commission (CNA).

The 22 PhD scholarships, up 83% from the 12 that were awarded to UNAB students last year, have placed UNAB in the top ten in the country. UNAB joins U. de Chile, la Universidad Católica, la U. de Concepción, la U. de Santiago, la Universidad Austral and la Universidad Católica de Valparaíso as the leading institutions in Chile.

Among the criteria that CONICYT’s Program for Advanced Human Capital Development evaluates to assign doctoral scholarships are the educational background and training of the applicant, the quality of the program to which the student is applying and the potential contribution to the student’s professional development and to society at large.

"This is a tremendous recognition of the quality of our programs and the attention our programs receive from the best students in the country," said Andrés Gomberoff, Vice Chancellor for Research and PhD from the U. Andres Bello after learning the results of the competition.

New students

The beneficiaries of the CONICYT scholarship include: Octavio Aravena, Macarena Araya, Gonzalo Barriga, Sebastián Belmar, Nicole Farfán, Carlos Henríquez, Carolina Klagges, Macarena Lolas, Valeria Márquez, Angela Millar, Francisca Muñoz, Daniela Muñoz, Nicole Rojas and Cristián Valenzuela who will join the PhD in Biotechnology.

Álvaro Becerra, Bernabé Bustos, Cristian Cordero, Paulo Covarrubias, Alvaro González, Sheyla Guzmán, Paola Lagos and Henry Temple will join the PhD in Bio-molecular Sciences.

Both programs are part of UNAB’s Faculty of Biological Sciences.