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Jeanne Hersant, Director of Sociology at UNAB Viña del Mar, earns grant to study consequences of Criminal Procedure Reform


UNAB faculty wins award

UNAB's Vice-Rector of Doctoral Studies and Research recently announced that a project from the School of Sociology was the winner of the George Miles Fund, an internal UNAB competition to support faculty research. The winning project will conduct a sociological review of employees and officials of the Chilean judiciary to better understand the impact that recent reforms have had on their daily work and professional identity.

The Chilean judicial system has not been the focus of many studies. This prompted Jeanne Hersant from UNAB's School of Sociology to apply for the George Miles Fund, which is sponsored by UNAB's Vice-Rector of Doctoral Studies and Research, and she won. The project will consist of a comprehensive study of the consequences of the Criminal Procedural Reform (implemented in Chile in 2000) on the daily work and professional identities of officials and employees of the judiciary.

The results of the investigation will contribute to the understanding of the practical operation of the Chilean court system, which until now has received little attention. The project has two main lines: the creation of a sociological portrait of court employees and a study of the consequences of the Criminal Procedural Reform on the daily work and professional identity of court employees. The research will be conducted in the Metropolitan Region and the Valparaiso Region, for comparison purposes.

Jeanne Hersant is of French nationality and earned a Master (DEA) and PhD in Sociology from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. From 2008 through 2010, she did post-doctoral studies at the University of Freiburg Albert-Ludwig (Germany). Today Dr. Hersant is a professor in UNAB's Faculty of Social Sciences and is Director of the Sociology Program at UNAB Campus Vina del Mar and her specialty is related to political sociology, public and state administration, migration and ethnic identities.